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The Gods smiled upon their offsprings from the skies, loving, generous. But that was before. For the sky is now tainted, and the people deprived of their creators overnight have been orphans for nearly two centuries.

Since that fateful day, the Corruption has reigned over the world. It defiled the clouds, covered the lands with a veil of darkness. The first conflicts arose in the east of the Coroman continent, some under the impulse of beliefs calling for blood and flames. As hatred continues to spread, the vanished Gods no longer answering any prayers, some fight for a peaceful life.

In the midst of this madness, two children meet each other.
One of them is human.
The other is nichan.

The boys are two opposite minds and fates, yet connected irrevocably. The days, then the passing years bring them together. But life reminds them of their differences and works to crush the remnants of their innocence. Between joys and sorrows, friendship and savagery, a smile is sometimes enough to change everything…

The Nichan Smile is the first book in the dark fantasy series The Lost Faces.

Content Warning: this novel contains graphic violence, violence against children and animals, explicit sexual content (including sexual violence, rape and underage sex), pedophilia and explicit language. Reader discretion is advised.


Book also available in HARDBACK, PAPERBACK and EBOOK in most major online retailers!


The time has come for Domino and Gus to seize their destiny.

In the midst of life-changing decisions, Domino learns to live with his new clan and his betrothed, never forgetting the life he left behind. But in order to master his true nature, sacrifices must be made.

Hundreds of miles away, tormented by mysterious nightmares, Gus fights for survival in a world unforgiving to his kind. While challenging his own body and beliefs, he meets unexpected but most needed allies.

Once inseparable, now apart, Domino and Gus abandon their innocence while following opposite paths. Meanwhile, in the darkest recesses of the world, their enemies gather their forces to strike.

Through pain and loss, the two friends will discover the true color of their blood.

Content Warning: this novel contains graphic violence, torture, explicit sexual content (including sexual violence), suicide, mentions of incest, mention of rape and slavery, and explicit language. Reader discretion is advised.


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